Cookies policy

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Information regarding cookies, search engines, and location data

Cookies is a technology/mechanism that is designed to speed up traffic analysis in websites, to make it easier for users to access services that are offered by our website and our mobile application, and to offer useful and relevant advertisement to our visitors. By using cookies, personal data are not transmitted or obtained from location identification systems. If a user doesn’t want their information to be collected via this mechanism (cookies), the user may use a simple process in their web browser, that allows to reject or to modify their privacy settings when they initially use the website or the apps so they can allow only necessary cookies which are necessary for the provision of services in question.

The information about the site and app property suggestions will be visible in searches on the internal search engine and will be available on third-party search engines as the site and app allow its content to be indexed by third parties.

If the page regarding the listing ads has already been removed from the site and the app, it’s likely that the saved copy will remain in the search results for a few days. Search results are not managed by the site and the app, but the user can request the removal of the page and request that the saved copy be updated directly to the search engine.

When you use the site and app with Active location identification, the site and application can collect and edit information about the current user’s location. This data is processed anonymously, in a format that does not allow the user to be personally identified and used only for the purpose of facilitating the use of certain site and site-based and site-based features. Location services can be switched on or off by the user at any time by accessing your device’s settings.